We at RHS Rohstoff Handel GmbH Stuttgart consider ourselves to be service providers in every sense of the word. 

Your trust in our hands

We offer volume bundling of secondary raw materials, sell directly to a network of smelting plants in Europe, and organise cross-border transport in accordance with international waste legislation regulations. With a trade volume of more than 70,000 tonnes of non-ferrous metals per year, we are among the big players in Europe.

Leistungsspektrum RHS Stuttgart

We trade in trust – the trust of our suppliers and our customers. We aim to pay back that trust with a keen sense of responsibility – upon which we set the cornerstone for a long, prosperous partnership.

Our trade network

Unser Handelsnetz

We place great value in openness and reliability. That is why we invoice and pay business deliveries on a daily basis. Our prices are based on the LME in London and are thus always up-to-date and transparent. 

Up-to-date and transparent

Spot contracts are possible, as are fixed contracts based on the LME. We can conduct business in any currency. For the realms of trade and logistics, as well as financial accounting, you will always have personal and competent contact persons at your service. In Italy we run our own office. In registering with the local environmental authorities, we are also able to trade and transport non-ferrous metals within Italy. 

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